Floral Easter Egg Card

Floral Easter Egg Card

Hello crafty card makers!  Spring is in the air, and you know what that means?  Easter is coming up.  So today I’m sharing how I made this floral Easter egg card.  It features watercolor die cutting, along with a 3D embossed background.  However, if watercolor isn’t your forte, you could use colored cardstock and/or specialty cardstock instead. For example, glitter, metallic, and holographic cardstock would all look lovely.  I made mine for Easter, but the sentiment could easily be changed to fit your specific need. This floral Easter egg card could also work as hello spring or even a new baby card.

Floral Easter Egg Card Flatlay

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Supplies Used / Substitutions:

  • Sizzix Thinlits Dies – Intricate Floral Easter Egg #665818 | *Sb.com | *SIZ | *AMZ / Any Easter dies
  • Sizzix Tim Holtz Thinlits Dies – Alphanumeric Stretch Upper #665206 | *Sb.com | *SIZ / Any alphanumeric dies
  • Spellbinders Dies – Yana’s Layered Script Sentiments SKU: S5-496 | *Sb.com | *SB | *AMZ | SSS / Any sentiment die
  • Sizzix Tim Holtz 3D Embossing Folder – Intertwine #664759 | *Sb.com | *SIZ | *AMZ | SSS / Any embossing folder
  • Canson 140lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper | *BA | *AMZ / Any watercolor paper
  • Distress Heavystock – White | *Sb.com | *RI | *AMZ / Any color cardstock
  • Light Green Cardstock / Any color cardstock
  • Spellbinders Dies – Precision Layering Mini Slimline A SKU: S4-1158 / Any thin frame die
  • Vellum / White cardstock
  • Distress Ink – *Mowed Lawn, *Peacock Feathers, *Salty Ocean, & *Wilted Violet / Any color distress inks or watercolors

Floral Easter Egg Card Supplies

Tools Used / Substitutions:

  • Sizzix Big Shot | *SIZ / Spellbinders Platinum Six | *SB / Any die cutting machine
  • Tim Holtz Tonic Comfort Paper Trimmer – 8.5 Inch | *Sb.com | *AMZ / Any paper trimmer, scissors, or x-acto knife & ruler
  • EK Success Scoring Board | SSS / Scor-Buddy | *SB | Optional
  • Neptune Synthetic Brush Short HandleRound #8 | *BA / Any watercolor brush
  • Bearly Art Glue | *Sb.com | *SB | *AMZ / Any liquid adhesive
  • Spray Bottle with water | *SB | *AMZ / Any spray bottle
  • Tim Holtz Sizzix Die Pick / Toothpick
  • Sizzix TH Reverse Action Tweezers – Shaping Kit Making Tool #665304 | *SIZ / Any reverse action tweezers
  • White Foam Squares / Optional
  • Paper Towel
  • Scotch Magic Tape
  • Washi Tape / Any low tack tape

Floral Easter Egg Card Tools

Making The Card Base

Firstly, I started by making the card base.  For this you’ll need a sheet of white cardstock, scoring board, paper trimmer/x-acto knife and ruler.

  1. Take a sheet of white cardstock and score it at the 3 – 3/8 inch line. (See image below)Scored Card base
  2. Fold on the score line and reinforce the fold with a bone folder.
  3. Trim the card down to a length of 6¼” with your paper trimmer or with an x-acto knife and ruler.  See BelowCutting the card front
  4. Then trim the card down to a width of 3¼” with the paper trimmer.

Your card base should be 6 ¼” x 3¼”.

Embossing The Background

Next, I embossed the background panel.  For this part, you’ll need the left over white cardstock from your card base, paper trimmer, die cutting machine, Intertwine 3D embossing folder, spray bottle with water and glue.

  1. Trim the white cardstock to a size of 6 – 1/8″ x 3 – 1/8″ with the paper trimmer.
  2. Mist both sides of the panel with water.
  3. Place it in the intertwine 3D embossing folder.
  4. Run it through your die cutting machine. I did two passes for mine.
  5. Remove the embossed panel from the folder and let it dry under a flat cutting pad.
  6. After the panel is dry glue it to the front of your card base.

Embossed Card Front

Getting Ready To Watercolor

For this part of the tutorial the following supplies are needed: distress inks or watercolors, watercolor brush, watercolor paper, a jar of water, magic scotch tape, and a sheet of paper towel.  If you decided to cut the egg from specialty cardstock then you can skip the watercolor steps.

Supplies for watercolor

Firstly, tape the watercolor paper down to the glass media mat.  I folded one end of the tape down to create a tab.  This makes it easy to remove the tape at the end of the project.  Then, I removed the craft sheet from the media mat and set up my ink pallet.  I did that by smooshing the distress ink cubes on to the white squares of the media mat.  I put the colors in rainbow order to keep everything organized.  You don’t have to do the whole rainbow.  You can just do the colors you want your egg to be.  I used the warmer colors to make a coordinating gift tag.  See the end of this blog post for details.

Next, I wet the watercolor paper with my brush.  But don’t use too much water!  Bring the water close to the tape, but don’t let it touch.  If too much water gets under the tape, it will no longer be able to stick to the paper.  Then the paper won’t dry down flat, and will have a slight warp.  If this does happen it’s not the end of the world since we are using this for die cuts.  But if this was a background we would want this to dry flat.

Time To Watercolor

First, I started on the left side of the paper.  I wet the area with my brush and added the pink color with Picked Raspberry ink.  Then, I cleaned the brush by swirling it in the jar with water and dabbed it on the paper towel.  This should be done every time you switch between colors.  If you don’t, then your colors will get muddy and half way through you’ll just be painting with brown.  With the clean brush, I wet the area beside the pink and then added the orange color with Carved Pumpkin ink.  I let the colors blend together naturally.  I did this by laying the colors down and then added some water with the brush where the two colors meet and let the magic happen.

Rainbow watercolor

Next, I wet the paper with my clean brush beside the orange and added the yellow color with Mustard Seed ink.  I cleaned the brush and blended the orange and yellow together.  After that, I wet the paper to the right of the yellow with my clean brush.  There I added the green color with Mowed Lawn ink.  Then, I blended them together.  I continued to repeat this process for the rest of the colors.  After the green, I added the teal color with Peacock Feathers ink.  Then, the blue color with Salty Ocean ink, and lastly the purple color with Wilted Violet ink.

Watercolor Clean Up

When I was done and happy with how it looked, I cleaned my brush and squeezed out the water from my brush into a paper towel.  Then, I laid it flat to dry.

You may have noticed that the paper warped and buckled a little bit.  Don’t freak out, this is totally normal!  If you keep the tape on, it will dry down flat in the end.  Keeping it taped down helps mold the paper back to its original state.  I let mine dry for about a day.  If you can’t wait that long, you could dry it with a heat tool.  I would recommend the Ranger Heat It Craft Tool.  Personally, I like to let mine dry naturally.  Something magical happens when you let the watercolors blend and dry on their own.

Once it was dry I peeled off the tape.  When removing the tape, you always want to pull the tape away from your work (see photo below).  This helps prevent the watercolor paper from tearing.  Your rainbow watercolor panel is now complete!

Removing tape from watercolor paper

Die Cutting The Floral Egg

Then, it was time to die cut the floral egg.  In this step, you’re going to need: the watercolor paper you prepared in the previous step, die cutting machine, floral egg die, die pick, and washi tape.

  1. Position the floral egg die face down on the watercolor paper and secure it down with washi tape.
  2. Run it through your die cutting machine.
  3. Weed out the excess pieces of paper and poke out the egg from the die with the die pick.Water colored floral egg die cut
  4. Apply some small foam squares to the center of the back of the egg and remove the paper backings.Floral Egg Back
  5. Apply glue all around the edges of the back of the egg.
  6. Adhere the egg to the top front center of the card base.
  7. Set something heavy on it while it dries.

Floral Egg Card Front

Die Cutting The Letters

Next, I die cut the letters for the word “EASTER”.  In this step, you’re going to need: white and green cardstock, paper trimmer, glue, die cutting machine, alphanumeric stretch dies, die pick, and some washi tape.

  1. Cut white cardstock to a size of 3″ x 3½”. (You’ll need two of these to help add dimension to the letters).
  2. Glue the two pieces of white cardstock together and set something heavy on it until dry.
  3. Using the alphanumeric stretch dies, tape the letters for the word “EASTER” to the glued cardstock.  Leave some room to cut another “E” later.
  4. Run it through the die cutting machine and pop out the letters with the die pick.
  5. Die cut the letter “E” from the remaining white glued cardstock.
  6. Then, die cut the word “EASTER” from light green cardstock.
  7. Pop out the green letters from the dies and glue them on top of the white die cut letters.

Easter die cut letters

The layered cardstock adds some dimension to the word “EASTER” on the card.  You can also add more layers of white cardstock if you would like to create even more dimension.

Easter die cut letters

Positioning The Letters

After that, I glued the letters to the floral Easter egg card.  In this step, you’re going to need: your card front, Easter die cut letters, glue, tweezers, a thin frame die, and a stamping tool.  The frame die is for consistent spacing between the letters.  I used a thin frame die from Spellbinders.  I used the stamping tool as a work surface to hold everything down and to align the letters so they’re nice and straight.

  1. Firstly, measure the width of your card and draw a small line (with pencil) at the bottom center of the card.
  2. Place the card into the corner of the stamping tool and secure it down with a magnet.
  3. Place the frame die down flush with the bottom of the card and to the right of the pencil line.
  4. Then, use the tweezers to hold the letter “S” and put glue on the back of it. Positioning the letters on the card
  5. Position the letter “S” to the left of the pencil line and up against the frame die.  Put a magnet on it while it dries.
  6. Move the frame die to the left of the letter “S”.
  7. Next, put glue on the back of the letter “A” and adhere it to the card.  Position it to the left of the frame die and put a magnet on it while it dries.
  8. Move the frame die to the left of the letter “A”.
  9. Put glue on the back of the letter “E” and adhere it to the card.  Position it to the left of the frame die and put a magnet on it while it dries.
  10. Repeat this process with rest of the letters on the right side of the card.
  11. Erase the pencil line.

Gluing The Easter Letters On The Card

Making The Sentiment

For the sentiment I used the Yana’s Layered Script Sentiments set by Spellbinders.

  1. Die cut the word “happy”  from purple inked watercolor paper.
  2. Die cut the happy outline from vellum.
  3. Glue them together and set something heavy on it while it dries.Happy die cut sentiment
  4. Then, glue the happy sentiment over of the word “EASTER” centered on the card front.
  5. Set something heavy on it while it dries.

Finished Floral Easter Egg Card

Floral Easter Egg Card Complete!

Congratulations! You have now completed your floral Easter egg card!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have as much fun making it as I did.  If you do make this card, please use the #grovecrafted and tag me (@grovecrafted) on Instagram.  I’d love to see what you’ve created!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found some new inspiration to create.

Floral Easter Egg Card

Floral Easter Egg Card And Envelope

Floral Easter Egg Card With Foiled Egg

If you like the metallic marbled Easter egg above, I have a tutorial for that too!  It’s called Foiled Marble Easter Eggs and you can find it here.

Floral Easter Egg Card and Gift Tag

I also made a coordinating tag and tied it to a gift bag.  To make this I just die cut the floral egg from the other half of the water colored paper.  Then, I cut the egg background from white cardstock and glued them together.  After that I punched a hole in the top and tied it to a git bag with a yellow ribbon.

If you enjoyed making this floral Easter egg card, you might want to check out my Easter Wildflowers Card tutorial.

Easter Wildflowers Card

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